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Sliding partition fittings, convenient and beautiful way for decoration!

Published by SZCF June 13,2023


Today I will share several cases of restaurant and kitchen partitions. These solutions are both beautiful and very convenient. Just like this case, the living room and restaurant are separated by glass Sliding partition fittings, which does not affect the visual sense of the space. At the same time, it can prevent cooking fume from entering the restaurant, which is convenient for daily cleaning.

The decoration of the dining room looks very elegant and stylish, with a light gray tone on the walls. There is also a character mural on the background wall. The white Sliding partition fittings with black border as a partition between the dining room and the kitchen. The overall look is very elegant and matches well with the decoration.


The dining room and kitchen are also separated by Sliding partition fittings. The glass doors with white borders match well with the surrounding light coffee-colored walls. There are small fish-shaped decorations on the walls, making the dining room more stylish Vitality, in addition, there is a mural decoration in the middle of the background wall of the dining room, which makes the dining room look more colorful.

This scheme is still very suitable for small apartment decoration. The open design between the living room and dining room makes the space very bright. In order to make the kitchen look more bright, it is also separated by Sliding partition fittings. The glass door is white Striped decoration, very beautiful.

The dining room and kitchen are also separated by Sliding partition fittings, and there are partition cabinets on both sides, which can be used as wine cabinets, making the dining room look more stylish and fashion. The dining room's background wall uses a high-level gray style, with two cute The murals look warmer and more energetic.

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