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Do you know folding door and sliding folding door fittings?

Published by SZCF June 13,2023

The folding door effectively saves the occupied space of the door, and the simple push-pull action easily acts as a barrier and freely divides the space, and has the excellent decorative effect of elegant appearance, novel styles and diverse colors. sliding folding door fittings are used with folding doors. Generally speaking, they are inseparable.

There are many types of folding doors on the market,the common ones are heavy and light, and manual and electric.There are also many different models and wall thicknesses, ranging from 1.2 to 3.0,the colors are even more varied, with spray, wood grain, and fluorocarbon.When we choose a folding door, we must choose according to the actual needs and the existing decoration style.So, how do we get a better decoration effect?It is most suitable to choose a folding door style that matches your decoration style.Also, the color needs to be matched properly, not too obtrusive or tacky,Also choose the right sliding folding door fittings to install,This can make the use of folding doors easier and simpler, and the effect is better.

Folding door material
Including solid wood material, plastic steel material, pvc material, aluminum alloy material, etc.With different materials, folding doors can always show different effects, so they are more commonly used and popular.
The aluminum alloy folding door is a horizontal movement that uses upper and lower rails to fold and push to the side.It consists of aluminum alloy profile, glass door leaf, transmission part, swing arm part, transmission rod and orientation device.sliding folding door fittings are generally made of steel and nylon.

sliding folding door fittings
There are many kinds of sliding folding door fittings, and most of them will choose silent sliding folding door fittings, because this can reduce the noise at home.These sliding folding door fittings introduced below consists of an upper roller assembly, a lower roller assembly, a buffer stop, a track, and a profile plug.The length of the track is generally 2m or 3m, and the length of the track can be customized as required.The supported door thickness is 20 ~ 30mm, the maximum door weight that can be supported is 40KG,the minimum clearance between the two doors is 5mm.

sliding folding door fittings

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