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Do you care custom sliding door cabinet price?

Published by SZCF June 13,2023

Nowadays people become richer and richer.Many people buy villa in big city.If you have a villa or only a house,do you like it to be beautifully decorated?Of course,the best wall paper,the best floor,of course you need best cabinet to hold your all clothes,books,arts and crafts,quilts,etc.Now because the house price go higher and higher.If you buy a house ,the room always is limited.So the every inch room you need to make a good use of it.The custom made sliding wardrobe doors will be welcome.

custom made sliding wardrobe doors

The DIY cabinet height will reach the ceiling,so that you get lot of room to in stock your stuffs.Now in the market,do you know what brand DIY cabinet is welcome?OPPEIN or SOPHIA?Our company is cooperated with these two brand companies.DIY and customized cabinet attract so many people’s eyes.It’s beautiful and very practical.But if you only hire a house ,you want do buy it.It is fixed in the wall ,you can not move the custom made sliding wardrobe doors,unless you are rich enough.In fact ,the price for customized cabinet is very high.700-800 for each square.For one 100 squares house ,the cabinet will cost you Thirty thousand to fifty thousand.Do you care that price?Of course you may think a new house worth it.

custom made sliding wardrobe doors

In fact ,I get another idea.Although the sliding cabinet is as high as the ceiling.And you can say it is make full use of the room of your house.But you can think that.It is as high as 2.7 meters even 3 meters.You can reach so high?You also need to prepare a ladder for that,or else you can not put stuff in that ,or when you once put it on that high place.You won't use that stuff for a long time.It is only a storage.But then again.If put the arts and crafts in that is a good choice.Just look at that.