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The classification of cabinet dowels

Published by SZCF June 13,2023

In the family life can use a lot of furniture,for example ambries,cabinets, tables, chairs and so on.The essential parts in the assembly of furniture should be no more than three in one.Three-in-one connector is also called eccentric connector, which is composed of eccentric wheel, connecting rod and embedded cabinet dowels.The material is zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, plastic and so forth.

cabinet dowels

The embedded cabinet dowels are one of the three components,embedded cabinet dowels are the base of the core, it plays the role of connection, locking, fastening. Embedded cabinet dowels are usually made of metal or plastic.different materials have their own advantages:Plastic cabinet dowels have their light weight and are much cheaper that metal cabinet dowels, because of its material problem, the union degree with cabinet body is low, they may get separate in long term using; metal cabinet dowels may be cracked after using long time, and the price of metal  of cabinet dowels are absolutely very high.

cabinet dowels

 so we  choose different materials. according to the customer's different requirements.

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