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Wardrobe designs for saving space

Published by SZCF June 13,2023

Wardrobe is the use furniture that occupy the home life cannot little, for the store of convenient clothes, there are a lot of exquisite on wardrobe design.

For Small families, conventional wardrobe usually cause a space to waste, or put where all inappropriate, more and more households choose to buy customized wardrobes according to their housing type.

sliding wardrobe lock fitting

 Sliding door wardrobe fittings, also called move door wardrobe fittings. light and handy use is convenient, the biggest advantage is dimensional utilization rate is high.Even if the chest sticks the bedside table or bed end to put, also won't affect the daily use of wardrobe.

There are several types of sliding wardrobe lock fittings: the height of sliding door wardrobe lock fitting reaches to ceiling , let clothings receive more convenient; embedded sliding wardrobe lock fittings, can better save the bedroom space, large capacity;The wardrobe that whole wall customizes arrives top, it is top ark above, it is a door below, side was open-ended  partition, receive a function powerful and fashionable and practical......

sliding wardrobe lock fitting

In a word,the design of sliding wardrobe lock fittings should be able to consider interior structure synthetically, the storage space of each part wants reasonable, in order to ensure good storage is used, accord with actual use demand.

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